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332.6 v.1 CENTRALGay, Charles R., 1875-1946, authorThe stock exchange and its functions / Charles R. Gay[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [1936?]
BF204.6 .R44 2014 DIVINITYKim-Prieto, ChuReligion and spirituality across cultures / Chu Kim-PrietoDordrecht : Springer, 2014.
BJ66 .L88 2014 DIVINITYLütge, Christoph, authorExperimental ethics : toward an empirical moral philosophy / Christoph Lütge, Hannes Rusch and Matthias UhlHoundmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
BL687 .T74 2014 CENTRALGrossato, Alessandro editorLe tre anella : al crocevia spirituale tra Ebraismo, Cristianesimo e Islam / a cura di Alessandro GrossatoAlessandria : Edizioni dell'Orso, [2014]
BP80 .F36 C56 2009 CENTRALClohessy, Christopher PaulFatima, daughter of Muhammad / Christopher Paul ClohessyPiscataway, NJ : Gorgias Press, 2009.
BR190 .C49 2014 DIVINITYJensen, Robin Margaret, 1952-Christianity in Roman Africa : the development of its practices and beliefs / Robin M. Jensen & J. Patout Burns, Jr. ; in collaboration with Graeme W. Clarke, Susan T. Stevens, William Tabbernee, Maureen A. TilleyGrand Rapids, Michigan : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2014.
BS575 .I5 2013 DIVINITYGreene, John T., editorIn the arms of biblical women / edited by John T. Greene, Mishael M. CaspiPiscataway, NJ : Gorgias Press, 2013.
BS2615.52 .A83 2014 DIVINITYAshton, John, 1931- authorThe gospel of John and Christian origins / John AshtonMinneapolis, MN : Fortress Press, [2014]
BT103 .W56 2014 DIVINITYWilliams, Rowan, 1950- authorThe edge of words : God and the habits of language / Rowan WilliamsLondon : Bloomsbury, 2014.
BT148 .H87 2014 DIVINITYHusseini, Sara LeilaEarly Christian-Muslim debate on the unity of God : three Christian scholars and their engagement with Islamic thought (9th century C.E.) / by Sara Leila HusseiniBoston ; Leiden : Brill, [2014]
BT265.3 .V53 2014 DIVINITYVidu, AdonisAtonement, law, and justice : the cross in historical and cultural contexts / Adonis ViduGrand Rapids, Michigan : Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2014]
BX3514 .C6 A498 2014 CENTRALAlzate Montes, Carlos Mario, authorLa vida cotidiana en el Convento San José de Cartagena de Indias hacia mediados del siglo XVIII y comienzos del XIX / Carlos Mario Alzate Montes, O.P., Fabián Leonardo Benavides Silva, Andrés Mauricio Escobar HerreraBogotá, D.C., Colombia : Ediciones USTA, 2014.
BX4811.3 .G75 2014 DIVINITYGriffiths, Phillip D. R., authorFrom Calvin to Barth : a return to Protestant orthodoxy? / by Phillip D.R. GriffithsEugene, Oregon : Wipf & Stock, [2014]
BX4827 .B57 R66 2014 DIVINITYRoot, Andrew, 1974-Bonhoeffer as youth worker : a theological vision for discipleship and life together / Andrew RootGrand Rapids, Michigan : Baker Academic, [2014]
BX8763 .F74 2014 DIVINITYFrench, Talmadge LEarly interracial oneness Pentecostalism : G.T. Haywood and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (1901-1931) / Talmadge L. FrenchEugene, Oregon : Pickwick Publications, 2014.
CC77 .U72 R684 2014 CENTRALRothschild, Nan A., 1937- authorThe archaeology of American cities / Nan A. Rothschild and Diana diZerega Wall ; foreword by Michael S. NassaneyGainesville : University Press of Florida, [2014]
CDROM VColl 2920 SPEC-COLLNelson, Michael HenryWhat causes racially segregated residential communities? : Testing agent-based and institutional explanations for the locational decisions of homebuyers / by Michael Henry Nelson[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2012.
CDROM VColl 2921 SPEC-COLLDessein, EvaLearner identity development in multilingual context : a case study of the study abroad experience / by Eva Marguerite Suzanne Dessein[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2012.
CDROM VColl 2922 SPEC-COLLMahatme, Nihaar NileshDesign techniques for power-aware combinational logic SER mitigation / by Nihaar N. Mahatme[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2923 SPEC-COLLClauss, Jacqueline ANeural correlates of anticipation in children at high risk for anxiety / by Jacqueline A. Clauss[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2924 SPEC-COLLBibler, Trevor MOn miracles and medicine : negotiating religious values at the end of life / by Trevor M. Bibler[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2925 SPEC-COLLMohyuddin, Hasina AkhtarIt's not part of the religion : the null curriculum and the sexual identity development of Muslim American youth / by Hasina Akhtar Mohyuddin[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2926 SPEC-COLLNektalova, ElinaTrans* health disparities, health care utilization, and the gender dichotomy / by Elina Nektalova[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2927 SPEC-COLLGu, ChangAuditory cortical narrowing to native speech : changes across development and implications for reading difficulty / by Chang Gu[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2928 SPEC-COLLWilliams, Andrew JohnTGF[beta] signaling enhances wound healing inflammation in post-partum breast cancer / by Andrew John Williams[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2929 SPEC-COLLBanks, James CarlDevelopment of a decision-support tool for bridge infrastructure adaptation in response to climate-induced flood risk / by James Carl Banks[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2930 SPEC-COLLEarly, RachelModes of personal presence in the romances of Chrétien de Troyes / by Rachel Early[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2931 SPEC-COLLConley, Hiram JStrained two dimensional materials / by Hiram Conley[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2932 SPEC-COLLRistau, Jarrid ScottReproduction of hierarchically rough surfaces via micromolding surface-initiated polymerization / by Jarrid Scott Ristau[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2933 SPEC-COLLJackson, Enrique MonteDevelopment and thermal properties of carbon nanotube-polymer composites / by Enrique Monte Jackson[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2934 SPEC-COLLAllen, LanaAn Arendtian reading of prison resistance / by Lana Allen[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2935 SPEC-COLLRamikie, Teniel SonyaMechanistically distinct modes of endocannabinoid mobilization at glutamatergic synapses of the laterial division of the central amygdala and its regulation by chronic stress / by Teniel Sonya Ramikie[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2936 SPEC-COLLQuiros, Ansley LillianGod's on our side, today : lived theology in the civil rights movement in Americus, Georgia, 1942-1976 / by Ansley L. Quiros[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2937 SPEC-COLLMakowski, Alexander JamesEvaluation of Raman spectroscopy for fracture resistance assessment / by Alexander James Makowski[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2938 SPEC-COLLLedford, Julian AinsworthPerforming the novel : vocal poetics of novelistic discourse / by Julian Ainsworth Ledford[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2939 SPEC-COLLWeeden-Wright, Stephanie LResistive random access memories for space applications and the impact of scaling access circuitry / by Stephanie LuAnn Weeden-Wright[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2940 SPEC-COLLWarren, Jonathan EdwardPolity, piety, and polemic : Giles Firmin and the transatlantic Puritan tradition / by Jonathan Edward Warren[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2941 SPEC-COLLSpigner, Nicole ANiobe repeating : Black New Women rewrite Ovid's Metamorphoses / by Nicole Adeyinka Spigner[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2942 SPEC-COLLBrignac, KellyRomantic wanderlusts : German travelers to the United States, 1822-1852 / by Kelly Brignac[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2943 SPEC-COLLBrignac, KellyHis most paternal chest : Bourbon royalism and the death of paternalism in nineteenth-century Martinique / by Kelly Brignac[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2944 SPEC-COLLWoynaroski, TiffanyThe stability and validity of automated vocal analysis in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder in the early stages of language development / by Tiffany Woynaroski[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2945 SPEC-COLLShenton, Jeffrey ThomasSchooling the forest : land, legacy, and environmental epistemological practice in the Upper Napo / by Jeffrey Thomas Shenton[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2946 SPEC-COLLBredeson, Garrett ZantowThe genesis of Heidegger's reading of Kant / by Garrett Zantow Bredeson[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2947 SPEC-COLLOrtega, Ryan AdamImmunomodulation of tumor associated macrophages by targeted, siRNA-delivering nanoparticles / by Ryan Adam Ortega[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2948 SPEC-COLLDani, Neil ChandrakantGenetic dissection of glycan functions at the synapse / by Neil Chandrakant Dani[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2949 SPEC-COLLShenton, Jamie Erin ZuehlThe bodily logics of production : intergenerational perspectives on adolescence, exchange, and aspiration among Kichwa women in the Ecuadorian Amazon / by Jamie Erin Zuehl Shenton[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2950 SPEC-COLLJarrett, Christopher WilliamPhysical basis of acousto-optical imaging / by Christopher W. Jarrett[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2951 SPEC-COLLArutt, Charles NathanProtons as a screen for displacement damage in bipolar junction transistors / by Charles Nathan Arutt[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2952 SPEC-COLLJenkins, Lindsay MichelleOptimizing maintenance and replacement activities for water distribution pipelines / by Lindsay Michelle Jenkins[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2953 SPEC-COLLStarkey, Gillian SarahInvestigating the cognitive and developmental dynamics of groupitizing / by Gillian Sarah Starkey[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2954 SPEC-COLLCox, Chase DavisonFriction stir welded magnesium alloy AZ31B in a lap joint configuration / by Chase Davison Cox[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2010.
CDROM VColl 2955 SPEC-COLLCohen, Jeremiah YNeural coding and timing of visual target selection in the frontal eye field / by Jeremiah Y. Cohen[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2009.
CDROM VColl 2956 SPEC-COLLChuang, AliceRe-imagining the jewelled isle : England and cross-media projects in the mid-twentieth century / by Chu-Jiun Alice Chuang[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2010.
CDROM VColl 2957 SPEC-COLLChacon, AlmaryRadical-promoted peptide cleavage in the gas-phase via peroxycarbamates / by Almary Chacon[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2007.
CT275 .C3 A3 1986 SPEC-COLLCarnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie / with a new foreword by Cecelia TichiBoston : Northeastern University Press, 1986, c1948.
CT275 .S747 D97 2014 CENTRALDyson, Stephen L., authorThe last amateur : the life of William J. Stillman / Stephen L. DysonAlbany, NY : Excelsior Editions, [2014]
D639 .J4 P36 2014 CENTRALPanter, Sarah, 1982-Jüdische Erfahrungen und Loyalitätskonflikte im ersten Weltkrieg / von Sarah PanterGöttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, [2014]
DA566.4 .F622 1987 SPEC-COLLFothergill, John, 1876-1957, authorAn innkeeper's diary : being The Spread Eagle section of My three inns / John Fothergill ; illustrated by Annie Newnham ; introduction by Hilary RubinsteinHeadington, Oxford : Inky Parrot Press, 1987.
DG864.2 .H7 1998 SPEC-COLLHoyle, Walter, authorTo Sicily with Edward Bawden / Walter Hoyle ; with an introduction by Olive Cook and drawings of Sicily by Edward Bawden, Walter Hoyle and Edwin SmithOxford : Previous Parrot Press, 1998.
DG975 .P2 V44 2014 CENTRALCenzi, IvanLa veglia eterna : catacombe dei Cappuccini di Palermo = The eternal vigil : the Capuchin catacombs in Palermo / a cura di = edited by Ivan Cenzi ; fotografie di = photographs by Carlo Vannini ; traduzione di = translation by David HaughtonModena, Italy : Logos edizioni, [2014]
DK268 .S8 K65 2014 v.1 CENTRALKotkin, Stephen, authorStalin / Stephen KotkinNew York : Penguin Press, 2014-
DS281 .P468 2007 CENTRALTuplin, ChristopherPersian responses : political and cultural interaction with(in) the Achaemenid Empire / edited by Christopher Tuplin ; contributors, Lindsay Allen ... [et al.]Swansea [Wales] : Classical Press of Wales ; Oxford : Distributed in the UK by Oxbow ; Oakville, CT : Distributed in the USA by David Brown, 2007.
DS318.8 .B82 2013 CENTRALBuchan, JamesDays of God : the revolution in Iran and its consequences / James BuchanNew York, NY : Simon & Schuster, 2013.
DS493.9 .N4 G86 2012 DIVINITYGutschow, Niels, authorGetting married : Hindu and Buddhist marriage rituals among the Newars of Bhaktapur and Patan, Nepal / Niels Gutschow, Axel Michaels, with contributions by Manik Bajracharya, Christiane Brosius, and Tessa PariyarWiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2012.
DS521.3 .B87 1987 SPEC-COLLBurke, Bill, 1943-I want to take picture / Bill BurkeAtlanta, Ga. : Nexus Press, 1987.
DT73 .B44 W445 2014 CENTRALWeeks, Kent R. authorThe valley of the Kings : a site management handbook / Kent Weeks, Nigel Hetherigton ; with A kings valley condition survey by Dina BakhoumCairo ; New York : American University in Cairo Press, 2014.
DVD 5824 CENTRALCronenberg, David, 1943- directorM. Butterfly (Motion picture)Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 2009.
DVD 5825 CENTRALHallström, Lasse, film directorThe hundred-foot journey [videorecording] / Dreamworks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment present in association with Participant Media and Image Nation an Amblin Entertainment, Harpo Films production ; a Lasse Hallstrom film ; produced by Steven SpielbeBurbank, California : Touchstone Home Entertainment, [2014]
DVD 5826 CENTRALJohar, Karan, 1972-Kabhi alvida naa kehna [videorecording] = Kabh¯i alvid¯a n¯a kahan¯a/ Dharma Productions ; Hiroo Yash Johar presents ; screenplay Karan Johar and Shivani Bathija ; produced by Hiroo Yash Johar ; directed by Karan JoharMumbai : Darma Productions : [Distributed by] Yash Raj Films, [2006]
DVD 5827 CENTRALChadha, GurinderBride & prejudice (Motion picture)Burbank, CA : Miramax Home Entertainment ; Distributed by Alliance Atlantis, 2005.
DVD 5828 CENTRALDonner, Clive, 1926-2010Christmas carol (Television program : 1984 : Entertainment Partners, Inc.)Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2014]
DVD 5829 CENTRALSim, Alastair, 1900-1976Charles Dickens' A Christmas carol (Motion picture : 1951)[United States] : VCI Entertainment, [2012].
DVD 5830 CENTRALAlmodóvar, PedroLos abrazos rotos [videorecording] = Broken embraces / Sony Pictures Classics ; El Deseo en asociación con Universal Pictures International ; guión y dirección, Pedro Almodóvar ; productor, Agustín Almodóvar ; producida por E[United States] : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2010]
DVD 5831 CENTRALSirk, Douglas, 1897-1987, film directorAll that heaven allows [videorecording] / Universal International presents ; screenplay by Peg Fenwick ; produced by Ross Hunter ; directed by Douglas Sirk[New York, N.Y.] : The Criterion Collection, 2014.
DVD 5834 CENTRALGunn, James, ?d 1970- screenwriter, film directorGuardians of the Galaxy (Motion picture)Burbank, California : Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc., [2014]
DVD 5835 CENTRALClooney, GeorgeIdes of March (Motion picture)Culver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2012.
DVD 5836 CENTRALCoraci, Frank, film directorBlended [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; a Gulfstream Pictures production ; a Happy Madison production ; produced by Mike Karz, Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo ; written by Ivan Menchell & Clare Sera ; directed by Frank Coraci[Burbank, California] : Warner Home Video, [2014]
DVD 5837 CENTRALAlmodóvar, Pedro, film director, screenwriterÁtame! [videorecording] : Tie me up! Tie me down! / Janus Films ; Pathé! ; El Deseo, S.A. presenta un film de Almodovar ; productor ejecutivo, Agustín Almodóvar ; guion y direccion, Pedro Almodóvar[Irvington, NY] : The Criterion Collection, [2014]
DVD 5838 CENTRALLevine, Joseph ECarnal knowledge [videorecording] / an Avco Embassy release ; Joseph E. Levine presents a Mike Nichols film ; written by Jules Feiffer ; produced and directed by Mike NicholsSanta Monica, CA : MGM Home Entertainment, 2005.
DVD 5839 CENTRALCorbijn, Anton, film directorMost wanted man (Motion picture)Santa Monica, California : Lions Gate Entertainment, [2014]
E82 .H872 1972 SPEC-COLLHubbard, William, 1621 or 1622-1704, authorThe present state of New England : being a narrative of the troubles with the Indians, 1677 / [by W. Hubbard] ; facsimile reproduction with an introduction by Cecelia TichiBainbridge, New York, York Mail-Print, 1972.
E169.12 .B57 2002 CENTRALBlais, Marie-Claire, 1939-Notes américaines : parcours d'un écrivain / Marie-Claire Blais[Bruxelles] : Grand miroir, ©2002.
E183.8 .B7 B378513 2014 CENTRALBarbosa, Rubens Antonio, authorThe Washington dissensus : a privileged observer's perspective on US-Brazil relations / Rubens BarbosaNashville, Tennessee : Vanderbilt University Press, [2014]
F202 .G3 H47 2014 CENTRALHerken, Gregg, 1947-The Georgetown set : friends and rivals in Cold War Washington / by Gregg HerkenNew York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2014.
F1465.2 .Q5 K534 2012 v.1 CENTRALComunidad Lingüística Maya K’iche’, issuing bodyK'iche' mayab' atz'yaqib'al = vestimenta maya k'iche'Santa Cruz del Quiché, El Quiché, Guatemala, C.A. : Ukolomal Rachoch K'iche' Mayab' Cholchi', 2012-2013.
F1465.2 .Q5 K534 2012 v.2 CENTRALComunidad Lingüística Maya K’iche’, issuing bodyK'iche' mayab' atz'yaqib'al = vestimenta maya k'iche'Santa Cruz del Quiché, El Quiché, Guatemala, C.A. : Ukolomal Rachoch K'iche' Mayab' Cholchi', 2012-2013.
GN388 .O946 2014 CENTRALCummings, Vicki, editorThe Oxford handbook of the archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers / edited by Vicki Cummings, Peter Jordan, and Marek ZvelebilOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
HD30.28 .M3815 2002 MANAGEMENTMcAfee, R. PrestonCompetitive solutions : the strategist's toolkit / R. Preston McAfeePrinceton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 2002.
HD1694 .U8 D47 2014 CENTRALCrimmel, Hal, 1966- editorDesert water : the future of Utah's water resources / edited by Hal CrimmelSalt Lake City : University of Utah Press, [2014]
HD9715 .C72 M366 2014 CENTRALSáenz, Mauricio, editorManos a la obra : panorama de la cadena de la construcción en Colombia y su papel protagónico en la economía nacional / jefe de redacción, Mauricio SáenzBogotá, D.C. : Publicaciones Semana, 2014.
HF5635 .K5 2013 guide v.1 MANAGEMENTKieso, Douglas W., authorStudy guide, Intermediate accounting, fifteenth edition / Douglas W. Kieso, Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. WarfieldHoboken, NJ : Wiley, [2013]
HF5635 .K5 2013 guide v.2 MANAGEMENTKieso, Douglas W., authorStudy guide, Intermediate accounting, fifteenth edition / Douglas W. Kieso, Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. WarfieldHoboken, NJ : Wiley, [2013]
HN310 .U75 M6618 2013 CENTRALMonroy Álvarez, Silvia, authorEl presente permanente : por una antropografía de la violencia a partir del caso de Urabá, Colombia / Silvia Monroy Álvarez ; traductor, Diego Monroy ÁlvarezBogotá, D.C. : Editorial Universidad del Rosario, 2013.
HQ767.5 .U5 M34 2014 CENTRALManninen, Bertha Alvarez, 1977-Pro-life, pro-choice : shared values in the abortion debate / Bertha Alvarez ManninenNashville : Vanderbilt University Press, [2014]
HQ1413 .S25 A3 2014 PEABODYSalper, Roberta L., authorDomestic subversive : a feminist's take on the left 1960-1976 / Roberta SalperTucson, Arizona : Anaphora Literary Press, 2014.
HX811 .R46 1988 CENTRALRenouvier, Charles, 1815-1903Uchronie, 1876 / Charles Renouvier ; [texte revu par Hubert Grenier][Paris] : Fayard, 1988.
JF1525 .P6 V36 2014 CENTRALGirouard, Jennifer, 1979- editorVarieties of civic innovation : deliberative, collaborative, network, and narrative approaches / Jennifer Girouard, Carmen Sirianni, edsNashville : Vanderbilt University Press, 2014.
KFT187 .H4 A3 2014 CENTRALBennett, Christina Juris, 1982- authorTennCare, one state's experiment with Medicaid expansion / Christina Juris BennettNashville, Tennessee : Vanderbilt University Press, [2014]
KGS3003 .Q54 2014 CENTRALQuigley, Fran, 1962- authorHow human rights can build Haiti : activists, lawyers, and the grassroots campaign / Fran QuigleyNashville, Tennessee : Vanderbilt University Press, [2014]
N6490 .A7186 2011 v.1 CENTRALFoster, HalArt since 1900 : modernism, antimodernism, postmodernism / Hal Foster ... [et al.]New York : Thames & Hudson, 2011.
N6490 .A7186 2011 v.2 CENTRALFoster, HalArt since 1900 : modernism, antimodernism, postmodernism / Hal Foster ... [et al.]New York : Thames & Hudson, 2011.
NA4440 .H678 2014 CENTRALHort, Jakob, 1977- authorArchitektur der Diplomatie : Repräsentation in europäischen Botschaftsbauten, 1800-1920 : Konstantinopel - Rom - Wien - St. Petersburg / von Jakob HortGöttingen, Germany : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, [2014]
ND237 .R68 S65 2013 CENTRALSolomon, DeborahAmerican mirror : the life and art of Norman Rockwell / Deborah SolomonNew York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013.
ND497 .W8 A4 2014 CENTRALWright, Amina, authorJoseph Wright of Derby : Bath and beyond / Amina WrightLondon : Philip Wilson/The Holburne Museum, [2014]
NK3636.5 .I75 2003 DIVINITYFendall, RamseyIslamic calligraphy / [text by Ramsey Fendall]London : Fogg, c2003.
PG3190 .I5 2013 CENTRALRothenstein, Julian, 1948- editorInside the rainbow : Russian children's literature 1920-1935 : beautiful books, terrible times / edited by Julian Rothenstein and Olga Budashevskaya ; foreword by Philip PullmanLondon : Redstone Press, 2013.
PG3313 .F4 Z587 2014 CENTRALBuranok, O. M., authorFeofan Prokopovich i istoriko-literaturnyi proŽtžsess pervoi poloviny XVIII veka : monografi´i`a / O.M. BuranokMoskva : Izdatel'stvo Flinta : Izdatel'stvo Nauka, 2014.
PN56 .V543 P36 2014 CENTRALPanella, Giuseppe, authorLe immagini delle parole : la scrittura alla prova della sua rappresentazione / Giuseppe PanellaFirenze : Editrice Clinamen, febbraio 2014.
PN1993.5 .E19 Y68 2014 CENTRALYoo, Hyon JooCinema at the crossroads : nation and the subject in East Asian cinema / Hyon Joo YooLanham, Md. : Lexington Books, 2014.
PQ671 .D46 2007 v.1 CENTRALBégaudeau, François, 1971-Devenirs du roman / [François Bégaudeau ... et al.]Paris : Naïve, c2007-c2014.
PQ671 .D46 2007 v.2 CENTRALBégaudeau, François, 1971-Devenirs du roman / [François Bégaudeau ... et al.]Paris : Naïve, c2007-c2014.
PQ1607 .C46 S43 2014 CENTRALChappuys, Gabriel, 1546-1613 or 1614, authorLe secrettaire (1588) / Gabriel Chappuys ; edition critique, présentée et annotée par Viviane Mellinghoff-BourgerieGenève : Librairie Droz, 2014.
PQ2063 .S3 A6 2014 CENTRALSade, marquis de, 1740-1814Justine et autres romans / Sade ; préface de Michel Delon ; textes éstablis, présentés et annotés par Michel Delon et Jean Deprun[Paris] : Gallimard, c2014.
PQ2664 .O534 Q53 2014 CENTRALDonner, Christophe, 1956-Quiconque exerce ce métier stupide mérite tout ce qui lui arrive : roman / Christophe DonnerParis : Grasset, [2014].
PQ4066 .R68 2013 v.1 CENTRALRossetti, Gabriele, 1783-1854, authorIl mistero dell'amor platonico del Medio Evo / Gabriele RossettiMilano : Luni Editrice, [2013]
PQ4066 .R68 2013 v.2 CENTRALRossetti, Gabriele, 1783-1854, authorIl mistero dell'amor platonico del Medio Evo / Gabriele RossettiMilano : Luni Editrice, [2013]
PQ4286 .B56 2014 CENTRALBiondi, Marino, authorBoccaccio e Machiavelli : occasioni di lettura / Marino BiondiArezzi : Edizioni Helicon, [2014]
PQ4353 .B7 G37 2014 CENTRALGargan, Luciano, authorDante, la sua biblioteca e lo studio di Bologna / Luciano GarganRoma : Editrice Antenore, 2014.
PQ4443 .B8 2014 CENTRALBuonanni, VincenzoDiscorso sopra la prima cantica della 'Commedia' / Vincenzio Buonanni ; a cura di Stefano PavariniRoma : Salerno Editrice, c2014.
PQ4723 .A25 2013 CENTRALParini, Giuseppe, 1729-1799Il mattino (1763) ; Il mezzogiorno (1765) / Giuseppe Parini ; a cura di Giovanni Biancardi ; introduzione di Edoardo Esposito ; commento di Stefano BallerioPisa : Fabrizio Serra editore, 2013.
PQ4723 .O4 2013 CENTRALParini, Giuseppe, 1729-1799Odi / Giuseppe Parini ; a cura di Mirella D'Ettorre ; introduzione di Giorgio BaroniPisa : Fabrizio Serra editore, 2013.
PQ4809 .A52 C36 2014 CENTRALCampana, Dino, 1885-1932, authorCanti orfici e altre poesie / Dino Campana ; a cura di Renato MartinoniTorino : Einaudi, [2014]
PQ4815 .O74 Z894 2013 CENTRALTinacci, ValentinaMeglio peccare fortiter : poeti e versificatori, ritardatari e aggiornatissimi nei pareri di lettura di Franco Fortini / Valentina Tinacci, Marianna MarrucciOspedaletto (Pisa) : Pacini, ©2013.
PR4479 .A1 1938 SPEC-COLLColeridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834, authorThe rime of the ancient mariner / by Samuel Taylor Coleridge; illustrated in color by Gordon GrantNew York : for the members of the Heritage Club, [1938]
PR4570 .A2 H35 2012 CENTRALDickens, Charles, 1812-1870Dickens's uncollected magazine and newspaper sketches, as originally composed and published 1833-1836 / edited with an introduction and notes by Robert C. HannaNew York : AMS Press, Inc., ©2012.
PR4834 .S66 2014 SPEC-COLLKeats, John, 1795-1821, authorA song about myself / John Keats ; calligraphy, Andy MooreMonmouthshire, England : The Old Stile Press, 2014.
PR5252 .O43 W75 2013 SPEC-COLLRuskin, John, 1819-1900, authorWriting from Paris to Lady Trevelyan in September 1854 / Ruskin[Yelverton, Devon, England] : The Old School Press, 2013.
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