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B746 .A35 T73 2016DIVINITYIkhwān al-Ṣafā‘, authorEpistles of the Brethren of Purity : On companionship and belief. An Arabic critical edition and English translation of epistles 43-45 / edited and translated by Samer Traboulsi, Toby Mayer, Ian Richard Netton ; foreword by Nader el-BizriOxford : Oxford University Press, in association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2016.
BD311 .H44 2014DIVINITYHeiden, Gerrit Jan van der, 1976-Ontology after ontotheology : plurality, event, and contingency in contemporary philosophy / Gert-Jan van der HeidenPittsburgh, Pennsylvania : Duquesne University Press, [2014]
BF175 .R593 A53 2017DIVINITYReineke, Martha Jane, editorAna-María Rizzuto and the psychoanalysis of religion : the road to the living God / edited by Martha J. Reineke and David M. GoodmanLanham : Lexington Books, [2017]
BF575 .G7 S44 2015DIVINITYServaty-Seib, Heather L. (Heather Lynn), authorWe get it : voices of grieving college students and young adults / Heather L. Servaty-Seib and David C. Fajgenbaum ; with contributions by 33 inspirational young adultsLondon ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015.
BF637 .S4 L323 2016PEABODYLakhiani, Vishen, authorThe code of the extraordinary mind : ten unconventional laws to redefine your life & succeed on your own terms / Vishen LakhianiNew York : Rodale, [2016]
BJ1025 .E833 2017DIVINITYMarshall, Richard, 1959- editorEthics at 3:AM : questions and answers on how to live well / edited by Richard MarshallNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
BL240.3 .L377 2017DIVINITYLarson, Edward J. (Edward John), authorOn faith and science / Edward J. Larson and Michael RuseNew Haven, Connecticut : Yale University Press, [2017]
BL1153.5 .H56 2016DIVINITYSweetman, Will, editorHinduism in India : modern and contemporary movements / edited by Will Sweetman, Aditya MalikLos Angeles : SAGE, 2016.
BL1375 .S95 S48 2017DIVINITYSettar, S., authorPursuing death : philosophy and practice of voluntary termination of life / S. SettarNew Delhi : Primus Books, 2017.
BL2525 .C73 2017DIVINITYCorvino, John, 1969- authorDebating religious liberty and discrimination / John Corvino, Ryan T. Anderson, Sherif GirgisNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
BP65 .F8 V47 2017CENTRALVersaille, AndréLes musulmans ne sont pas des bébés phoques : pour en finir avec notre déni! / André VersailleLa Tour-d'Aigue : Éditions de l'Aube, [2017]
BP80 .G284 K43 2017DIVINITYKhalafallah, Haifaa G., authorThe al-Ghazali enigma and why Shari’a is not Islamic law / Haifaa G. KhalafallahSheffield, South Yorkshire ; Bristol, CT : Equinox Publishing Ltd., 2017.
BR115 .A8 P34 2010DIVINITYPaintner, Christine ValtersAwakening the creative spirit : bringing the arts to spiritual direction / Christine Valters Paintner, Betsey BeckmanNew York : Morehouse Pub., 2010.
BR115 .P7 K87 2016DIVINITYKurun, ─░smail, authorThe theological origins of liberalism / by ─░smail KurunLanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, an imprint of The Roman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., [2016]
BS511.3 .S368 2017DIVINITYGorman, Michael J., 1955- editorScripture and its interpretation : a global, ecumenical introduction to the Bible / edited by Michael J. GormanGrand Rapids, Michigan : Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2017]
BS1199 .E93 F75 2017DIVINITYFriedman, Richard Elliott, authorThe Exodus : how it happened and why it matters / Richard Elliott FriedmanNew York, NY : HarperOne, [2017]
BS1430.52 .B644 2017DIVINITYBöhm, Christiane, 1983- authorDie Rezeption der Psalmen in den Qumranschriften, bei Philo von Alexandrien und im Corpus Paulinum / Christiane BöhmTübingen : Mohr Siebeck, [2017]
BT83.65 .C67 2017DIVINITYCornwall, Susannah, authorUn/familiar theology : reconceiving sex, reproduction, and generativity / Susannah CornwallLondon ; New York : Bloomsbury, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017.
BT590 .R57 B55 2017DIVINITYBlidstein, Moshe, 1982- authorPurity, community, and ritual in early Christian literature / Moshe BlidsteinOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.
BV639 .P6 J86 2017DIVINITYJung, L. Shannon (Loyle Shannon), 1943- authorBuilding the good life for all : transforming income inequality in our communities / L. Shannon JungLouisville, KY : Westminster John Knox Press, 2017.
BV652 .B47 2017DIVINITYBerneking, NateThe vile practices of church leadership : finance and administration / Nate BernekingNashville : Abingdon Press, 2017.
BV652 .R455 2014DIVINITYRendle, Gilbert RDoing the math of mission : fruits, faithfulness, and metrics / Gil RendleLanham [Maryland] : Rowman & Littlefield, [2014]
BV3785 .G69 B495 2017DIVINITYFinstuen, Andrew S., editorBilly Graham : American pilgrim / edited by Andrew Finstuen, Anne Blue Wills, Grant WackerNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
BV4511 .A84 2009DIVINITYAshbrook, R. Thomas, 1942-Mansions of the heart : exploring the seven stages of spiritual growth / R. Thomas Ashbrook ; foreword by Eugene H. PetersonSan Francisco : Jossey-Bass, [2009]
BV4531.3 .O65 2014DIVINITYOpitz, Donald, 1960-Learning for the love of God : a student's guide to academic faithfulness / Donald Opitz, Derek MellebyGrand Rapids, Michigan : Brazos Press, [2014]
BX1406.3 .B78 2017DIVINITYBruce, Tricia Colleen, authorParish and place : making room for diversity in the American Catholic church / Tricia Colleen BruceNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
BX1749 .T45 D38 2016DIVINITYDavies, Brian, 1951- authorThomas Aquinas's Summa contra gentiles : a guide and commentary / Brian DaviesNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
BX2320.5 .P19 L363 2017CENTRALLama de la Cruz, Víctor de, authorUrbs beata Hierusalem : los viajes a tierra santa en los siglos XVI y XVII / textos, Víctor de Lama de la Cruz[Madrid] : Biblioteca Nacional de España, 2017.
BX2602 .H65 G76 1974SPEC-COLLGraham, Rigby, 1931-2015Iniscealtra / text and illustration by Rigby GrahamCoalville, Leicester, Eng. : Saint Bernard Press, 1974.
BX7795 .M48 N37 2017DIVINITYNash, Gary B., authorWarner Mifflin : unflinching Quaker abolitionist / Gary B. NashPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2017]
BX8611 .M77 2017DIVINITYMueller, Max Perry, authorRace and the making of the Mormon people / Max Perry MuellerChapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2017]
DA690 .C2 L44 2005CENTRALLee, John S., authorCambridge and its economic region, 1450-1560 / John S. LeeHatfield, Hertfordshire : University of Hertfordshire Press, 2005.
DP257 .S448 2017CENTRALEgido, Ángeles, editorLa Segunda República y su proyección internacional : la mirada del otro / Ángeles Egido León (ed.) ; Ángel Viñas, Ismael Saz, Hipólito de la Torre Gómez, Ángeles Egido León, Pedro López Arriba, David Madrid : Los Libros de la Catarata, [2017]
DP621 .C373 2017CENTRALCardim, Pedro, authorPortugal y la monarquía hispánica (ca. 1550-ca. 1715) / Pedro CardimMadrid : Marcial Pons Historia, 2017.
DR511 .G73 2017DIVINITYGraf, Tobias P., authorThe sultan's renegades : Christian-European converts to Islam and the making of the Ottoman elite, 1575-1610 / Tobias P. GrafOxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.
DS849 .C6 N51913 2017CENTRALKokubun, Ryōsei, 1953-Japan-China relations in the modern era / Ryosei Kokubun, Yoshihide Soeya, Akio Takahara, and Shin Kawashima ; translated by Keith KrulakLondon ; New York : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.
DS894.99 .O372 O442 1983 IndexCENTRALOkinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō JimukyokuOkinawa dai hyakka jiten = Okinawa encyclopedia / [henshū Okinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō Jimukyoku]Naha-shi : Okinawa Taimususha, 1983.
DS894.99 .O372 O442 1983 Suppl.CENTRALOkinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō JimukyokuOkinawa dai hyakka jiten = Okinawa encyclopedia / [henshū Okinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō Jimukyoku]Naha-shi : Okinawa Taimususha, 1983.
DS894.99 .O372 O442 1983 v.1CENTRALOkinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō JimukyokuOkinawa dai hyakka jiten = Okinawa encyclopedia / [henshū Okinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō Jimukyoku]Naha-shi : Okinawa Taimususha, 1983.
DS894.99 .O372 O442 1983 v.2CENTRALOkinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō JimukyokuOkinawa dai hyakka jiten = Okinawa encyclopedia / [henshū Okinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō Jimukyoku]Naha-shi : Okinawa Taimususha, 1983.
DS894.99 .O372 O442 1983 v.3CENTRALOkinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō JimukyokuOkinawa dai hyakka jiten = Okinawa encyclopedia / [henshū Okinawa Daihyakka Jiten Kankō Jimukyoku]Naha-shi : Okinawa Taimususha, 1983.
DS894.99 .O374 Y36 2006CENTRALYamada, Minoru, 1918-2017Okinawa no kioku 1953-1972 : Okinawa kiroku shashinshū / shashin Yamada Minoru, Kinjō TōeiTōkyō : Seikatsu Jōhō Sentā, 2006.
E99 .P58 L345 2017DIVINITYLaPier, Rosalyn R., authorInvisible reality : storytellers, storytakers, and the supernatural world of the Blackfeet / Rosalyn R. LaPierLincoln, NE : co-published by the University of Nebraska Press and the American Philosophical Society, [2017]
E184 .A1 H528 2017DIVINITYHill Fletcher, Jeannine, authorThe sin of white supremacy : Christianity, racism, and religious diversity in America / Jeannine Hill FletcherMaryknoll, New York : Orbis Books, [2017]
E184.7 .S45 2017DIVINITYSemmes, Clovis E., authorThe end of Black studies : conceptual, theoretical, and empirical concerns / Clovis E. SemmesNew York ; London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.
E185.615 .R21426 2017DIVINITYSarat, Austin, editorRacial reconciliation and the healing of a nation : beyond law and rights / edited by Charles J. Ogletree Jr. and Austin SaratNew York : New York University Press, [2017]
E382 .C29 2017CENTRALCave, Alfred A., authorSharp Knife : Andrew Jackson and the American Indians / Alfred A. CaveSanta Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2017]
E446 .R43 2017DIVINITYRediker, Marcus, authorThe fearless Benjamin Lay : the Quaker dwarf who became the first revolutionary abolitionist / Marcus RedikerBoston, Massachusetts : Beacon Press, [2017]
E467.1 .P54 A3 1999SPEC-COLLPhelan, James, 1821-1873"For the good of the bleeding land" : being the text of a letter from James Phelan to Confederate President Jefferson Davis dated January 21, 1865, in the collection of the Filson Club Historical SocietyLouisville : Contre Coup Press, 1999.
E744 .F7685 2017CENTRALSewell, Bevan, 1980- editorForeign policy at the periphery : the shifting margins of US international relations since World War II / edited by Bevan Sewell and Maria RyanLexington, Kentucky : The University Press of Kentucky, [2017]
F884 .P857 A33 2011CENTRALAbbott, Carl, 1944-Portland in three centuries : the place and the people / Carl AbbottCorvallis : Oregon State University Press, ©2011.
F2720.6 .R43 T78 2017CENTRALTrujillo, Valentin, authorReal de Azúa, una biografía intelectual / Valentín TrujilloMontevideo, Uruguay : Ediciones B, 2017.
F2722.5 .U6 L33 2017CENTRALLacalle Herrera, Luis Alberto, authorAmérica Latina, entre Trump y China : el cambio esperado / Luis Alberto Lacalle HerreraMontevideo : Aguilar : Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, 2016.
F2725 .A7 M46 2017CENTRALMéndez Vives, Enrique, authorArtigas / Enrique Méndez VivesMontevideo, Uruguay : Banda Oriental, [2017]
F2725 .P87 2016CENTRALFrega, Ana, editor, authorPurificación : la memoria histórica del artiguismo / Ana Frega (coordinadora), Daniele Bonfanti, Magdalena Broquetas, Ariadna Islas, José M. López MazzMontevideo, Uruguay : Banda Oriental, [2016]
F2729 .R475 2016CENTRALGiorgi, Alvaro de, editorEl retorno a la democracia : otras miradas / Álvaro de Giorgi, Carlos Demasi (coordinadores) ; Emilia Abin [and nine others][Montevideo, Uruguay] : Espacio Interdisciplinario, Universidad de la República : Editorial Fin de Siglo, diciembre de 2016.
F2729.52 .B38 W65 2017CENTRALWolloch, Bernardo, 1991- authorJorge Batlle : el profeta liberal / Bernardo WollochMontevideo, Uruguay : Fin de Siglo Editorial, abril de 2017.
F2729.52 .F44 U77 2017CENTRALUrruzola, María, 1954- authorEleuterio Fernández Huidobro : sin remordimientos... / María UrruzolaMontevideo, Uruguay : Planeta, mayo de 2017.
F2791 .P54 G66 2017CENTRALGonçalves, Elsa Susana, authorPaysandú vuelve atrás la mirada : desde los orígenes hasta la gesta de Leandro Gómez / Elsa Susana Gonçalves, José Eduardo Rivero HortaMontevideo, Uruguay : Librería Linardi y Risso, 2017.
F3001.3 .L89 2017CENTRALLuzuriaga, J. C. (Juan Carlos), authorLa reconquista de Buenos Aires : el cenit de Montevideo colonial / Juan Carlos LuzuriagaMontevideo, Uruguay : Editorial Planeta, S.A., 2017.
GV1227 .A3 1730SPEC-COLLAcadémie universelle des jeux : contenant les règles des jeux de quadrille, & quintille, de l'hombre à trois, du piquet, du reversis, des échecs, du trictrac; & de tous les autres jeux : avec des instructions faciles pour apprendre A Paris, au Palais : Chez Theodore Legras, Libraire, Grand'Salle du Palais, à l'L couronnée, MDCCXXX [1730]
GV1229 .H2 1859SPEC-COLLG. H., Esq., authorHoyle's games, improved and enlarged by new and practical treatises : with the mathematical analysis of the chances of the most fashionable games of the day, forming an easy and scientific guide to the gaming table, and the most popular sports of the fielLondon, Longman and Co. : Simpkin and Co. : Hamilton and Co. : Whittaker and Co. : H.G. Bohn : J. Hearne : T. Bumpus : Capes and Co. : T. Allman : Tegg and Co. : Sotheran and Co. : Piper and Co. : and J. Cornish, 1859.
GV1229 .J7 1803SPEC-COLLHoyle, Edmond, 1672-1769Hoyle's games improved : consisting of practical treatises on whist, quadrille, piquet, quinze, vingt-un, lansquenet, faro or pharo, rouge & noir, cribbage, matrimony, cassino, connections, reversis, put, all-fours, speculation, loo, lottery, chess, back-London : Printed for R. Baldwin : T. Payne : W. Lowndes : G. Wilkie : J. Scatcherd : Longman and Rees : J. Nunn : Lackington, Allen and Co. : W. Stewart : B. Crosby : T. Hurst : and J. Mawman, 1803.
GV1229 .J7 1826SPEC-COLLJones, Charles, Esq., editorHoyle's games improved : consisting of practical treatises on whist, short whist, quadrille, piquet, ecarte, quinze, vingt-un, lansquenet, faro or pharo, rouge et noir, cribbage, matrimony, cassino, connexions, reversis, put, all-fours, speculation, loo, London : Geo. B. Whittaker : Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Co. : Baldwin, Craddock, and Joy : J. Richardson : J. Mawman : Hamilton and Co. : J. Duncan : Simpkin and Marshall : R. Scholey : T. and J. Allman : W. Mason : J. Wicksteed : H. Steele : J. Hearn
GV1229 .N58SPEC-COLLHoyle, Edmond, 1672-1769The new Hoyle : containing easy rules for playing the games of whist, quadrille, cribbage, piquet, matrimony, lansquenet, quinze, chess, backgammon, draughts, billiards, cricket, tennis, goff, faro, hazard, rouge et noir, cassino, connexions, put, loo, reLondon: : Printed for G. Walker, and sold by all booksellers, 1817.
GV1233 .C79SPEC-COLLCoria, Luis J., authorBaraja mexicana calendarica : con datos y jeroglíficos mexicanos y mayas / por Luis J. CoriaMéxico D.F. : [publisher not identified], [1970?]
GV1233 .H22SPEC-COLLHargrave, Catherine Perry, authorThe playing cards of Puritan New England / by Catherine Perry Hargrave-
GV1233 .S6SPEC-COLLSinger, Samuel Weller, 1783-1858Researches into the history of playing cards : with illustrations of the origin of printing and engraving on wood / by Samuel Weller SingerLondon : Printed by T. Bensley and Son, for Robert Triphook, 1816.
GV1239 .R8SPEC-COLLRowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630?The four knaves : a series of satirical tracts / by Samuel Rowlands ; edited, with an introduction and notes, by E.F. RimbaultLondon : Reprinted for the Percy Society, by T. Richards, 1843.
GV1239 .S6SPEC-COLLSmith, GylesSerious reflections on the dangerous tendency of the common practice of card-playing; especially of the game of All-Fours, as it hath been publickly play'd at Oxford, in this present year of Our Lord, MDCCLIV / in a letter from Mr. Gyles Smith, to his friLondon : Printed for W. Owen, [1755]
GV1239 .S7SPEC-COLLStarklof, Ludwig, 1789-1850Rouge et Noir, oder, die Geschichte von den vier Königen / aus den Papieren des Staatskanzlers Rolichon, von Starklof ; mit einer illuminirten TafelMainz : bei Florian Kupferberg, 1829.
GV1239 .U56SPEC-COLLU.S. Playing Card CoHow to entertain with cards : private parties, public parties, social clubsCincinnati, Ohio : U.S. Playing Card Co., c1921.
GV1239 .W4SPEC-COLLWhiting, J. R. S. (John Roger Scott)A handful of history / J.R.S. WhitingDursley : Alan Sutton, 1978.
GV1241 .A6 1784SPEC-COLLAlmanach des jeux, ou, Académie portative, contenant les regles du reversis, du wisk, du tre-sette, du piquet et du trictracA Paris : Chez Fournier, Libraire, MDCCLXXIV [1784]
H62 .G717 2017PEABODYGrant, S. G., authorInquiry-based practice in social studies education : understanding the inquiry design model / S.G. Grant, Kathy Swan and John Lee[New York, NY] : copublished by Routledge : C3 Teachers, 2017.
HC800 .G54735 2017CENTRALHodgson, Dorothy Louise, editorGlobal Africa : into the twenty-first century / edited by Dorothy L. Hodgson and Judith A. ByfieldOakland, California : University of California Press, [2017]
HD62.4 .N445 2017CENTRALNeeley, Tsedal, authorThe language of global success : how a common tongue transforms multinational organizations / Tsedal NeeleyPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2017]
HF5386 .G355 2017MANAGEMENTGalloway, Scott (Professor of marketing), authorThe four : the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google / Scott GallowayNew York, New York : Portfolio/Penguin, [2017]
HQ145 .A17 O335 2016CENTRALOharazeki, Kazuhiro, authorJapanese prostitutes in the North American West, 1887-1920 / Kazuhiro Oharazeki, Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest in association with University of Washington PressSeattle : University of Washington Press, [2016]
HQ767.25 .S36 2017DIVINITYSchlesinger, Kira, authorPro-choice and Christian : reconciling faith, politics, and justice / Kira SchlesingerLouisville, KY : Westminster John Knox Press, [2017]
HQ1031 .C383 2017CENTRALCashin, Sheryll, authorLoving : interracial intimacy in America and the threat to white supremacy / Sheryll CashinBoston : Beacon Press, [2017]
HQ1123 .O44 2016CENTRALO'Leary, Chandler, author, illustratorDead feminists : historic heroines in living color / Chandler O'Leary & Jessica Spring ; with foreword by Jill LeporeSeattle, WA : Sasquatch Books, [2016]
HS592 .A5 P45 2016CENTRALPelúas, Daniel, authorMasonería en el Uruguay : los orígenes / Daniel Pelúas[Montevideo, Uruguay] : Fin de Siglo Editorial, noviembre de 2016.
HV1553 .R66 2017CENTRALRose, Sarah F., authorNo right to be idle : the invention of disability, 1840s-1930s / Sarah F. RoseChapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2017]
HV5090 .T4 L63 2017DIVINITYLocke, Joseph (Historian), authorMaking the Bible Belt : Texas prohibitionists and the politicization of southern religion / Joseph L. LockeNew York : Oxford University Press, [2017]
HV8141 .P34 2017CENTRALPegues, Jeff, 1970- authorBlack and blue : inside the divide between the police and Black America / Jeff PeguesAmherst : Prometheus Books, 2017.
HX550 .N3 M344 2017CENTRALMartí Bataller, Aurelio, 1983- authorEspaña socialista : el discurso nacional del PSOE durante la Segunda República / Aurelio Martí Bataller ; prólogo de Ana Aguado y Ferran ArchilésMadrid : Asociación de Historia Contemporánea : Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, 2017.
JA84 .C6 J46 2015CENTRALJenco, Leigh K., 1977-Changing referents : learning across space and time in China and the West / Leigh JencoNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2015.
JL3692 .P37 2016CENTRALGarcé, Adolfo, 1965- editorPermanencias, transiciones y rupturas : elecciones en Uruguay 2014-15 / coordinadores, Adolfo Garcé, Niki Johnson ; Nicolás Bentancur [and twenty-five others][Montevideo, Uruguay] : Fin de Siglo Editorial, octubre de 2016.
LB1025.3 .B54 2017PEABODYBiesta, Gert, authorThe rediscovery of teaching / by Gert J.J. BiestaNew York, N.Y. : Routledge, Taylor & Francis group, 2017.
LB2840 .T455 2017PEABODYQuintero, Esther, editorTeaching in context : the social side of education reform / edited by Esther QuinteroCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard Education Press, [2017]
LB3235 .M25 2016PEABODYMagolda, Peter Mark, authorThe lives of campus custodians : insights into corporatization and civic disengagement in the academy / Peter Magolda ; foreword by Jeffrey F. MilemSterling, Virginia : Stylus Publishing, LLC, 2016.
LC493 .M85 2017PEABODYMuoneme, Maduabuchi Leo, authorThe hermeneutics of Jesuit leadership : the meaning and culture of Catholic-Jesuit presidents / by Maduabuchi Leo Muoneme, S.JNew York ; London : Routledge, 2017.
LC1568 .H36 2016PEABODYHamilton, Laura T. (Laura Teresa), authorParenting to a degree : how family matters for college women's success / Laura T. HamiltonChicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, [2016]
LC3737 .C6 T75 2015PEABODYFeng, Anwei, 1954- editorTrilingualism in education in China : models and challenges / Anwei Feng, Bob Adamson, editorsDordrecht ; New York : Springer, [2015]
LD4191 .O72 M43 2016CENTRALMeans, Howard B., author67 shots : Kent State and the end of American innocence / Howard MeansBoston, MA : Da Capo Press, [2016]
ML3921.8 .R63 L54 2017DIVINITYLief, Jason, authorChristianity and heavy metal as impure sacred within the secular West : transgressing the sacred / Jason LiefLanham : Lexington Books, [2017]
NA7735 .M47 1965CENTRALFrégnac, Claude, editorMerveilles des châteaux de Provence / préface du duc de Castries ; [rédigé par Claude Frégnac][Paris] : Hachette, 1965.
ND497 .G66 A4 1963SPEC-COLLGraham, Rigby, 1931-2015Recent paintings by Rigby Graham : The Gadsby Gallery, Market Place, Leicester, 21st May-4th JuneMount Saint Bernard Abbey, Coalville, Leicester, Eng. : Saint Bernard Press, [1963?]
NX562 .A1 A736 2017CENTRALArco, Antonio, 1963- interviewerEn qué estábamos pensando : antes y después de la crisis : (entrevistas con filósofos, poetas y creadores) / Antonio Arco[Murcia, Spain?] : CENDEAC, Centro de Documentación y Estudios Avanzados de Arte Contemporáneo, [2017]
PA817 .M46 2017DIVINITYMerkle, Benjamin L., 1971- authorGreek for life : strategies for learning, retaining, and reviving New Testament Greek / Benjamin L. Merkle and Robert L. Plummer ; foreword by William D. MounceGrand Rapids, MI : Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2017]
PL537 .R4241 2006 v.11CENTRALTagengo Tadoku, NPO, editorial supervisionReberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī. Reberu 4, vol. 3 / kanshū NPO Tagengo TadokuTōkyō : Kabushiki Kaisha Asuku Shuppan, 2017.
PL537 .R4241 2006 v.12CENTRALTagengo Tadoku, NPO, editorial supervisionReberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī. Reberu 4, vol. 3 / kanshū NPO Tagengo TadokuTōkyō : Kabushiki Kaisha Asuku Shuppan, 2017.
PL537 .R4241 2006 v.13CENTRALTagengo Tadoku, NPO, editorial supervisionReberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī. Reberu 4, vol. 3 / kanshū NPO Tagengo TadokuTōkyō : Kabushiki Kaisha Asuku Shuppan, 2017.
PL537 .R4241 2006 v.14CENTRALTagengo Tadoku, NPO, editorial supervisionReberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī. Reberu 4, vol. 3 / kanshū NPO Tagengo TadokuTōkyō : Kabushiki Kaisha Asuku Shuppan, 2017.
PL537 .R4241 2006 v.15CENTRALTagengo Tadoku, NPO, editorial supervisionReberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī. Reberu 4, vol. 3 / kanshū NPO Tagengo TadokuTōkyō : Kabushiki Kaisha Asuku Shuppan, 2017.
PN1993.5 .S7 D549 2017CENTRALDiez Puertas, Emeterio, 1962- authorEl sueño de un cine hispano : España y sus relaciones cinematográficas con la Argentina (1931-1939) / Emeterio Díez PuertasMadrid : Editorial Síntesis, [2017]
PQ6064 .F395 2017CENTRALFazio, Mariano, authorEl Siglo de Oro español : de Garcilaso a Calderón / Mariano FazioMadrid : Ediciones Rialp, [2017]
PQ6351 .C656 2015CENTRALColoquio Montevideana (9th : 2015 : Montevideo, Uruguay)Cervantes, Shakespeare, prisma latinoamericano, lecturas refractadas : reflexiones desde Montevideo / Lindsey Cordery y Ma. Ángeles González, editorasMontevideo, Uruguay : Linardi y Risso, 2017.
PQ6619 .I4 D5 2017CENTRALJiménez, Juan Ramón, 1881-1958, authorDiario de un poeta reciencasado (1916) : nueva edición con un apéndice que incluye más de 60 textos inéditos / Juan Ramón Jiménez ; edición de Michael P. PredmoreMadrid : Cátedra, 2017.
PQ7081.3 .M436 2017CENTRALMedo, Maurizio, 1965- interviewerBackstage : 18 entrevistas alrededor de la poesía contemporánea / Maurizio MedoIsla de San Borondón, España : Liliputienses, [2017]
PQ7523 .Z54 2017CENTRALZien, Katherine A., 1981- authorSovereign acts : performing race, space, and belonging in Panama and the Canal Zone / Katherine A. ZienNew Brunswick, New Jersey : Rutgers University Press, [2017]
PQ8098.12 .O38 Z56 2017CENTRALBlejer, Daniella, 1970- authorLos juegos de la intermedialidad en la cartografía de Roberto Bolaño / Daniella BlejerMadrid (España) : Brumaria, 2017.
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