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332.11 U58i 1924 CENTRALUnited States. Federal Reserve BoardIndex-digest of the Federal Reserve Act and amendments, together with those provisions of other acts which affect the Federal Reserve System / compiled and published under the direction of the Federal Reserve BoardWashington : Government Printing Office, 1924.
332.12 U58j 1936/1937 CENTRALUnited States. Farm Credit AdministrationJoint stock land banksWashington, D.C. : Farm Credit Administration, 1936-
332.12 U58j 1940/1941 CENTRALUnited States. Farm Credit AdministrationJoint stock land banksWashington, D.C. : Farm Credit Administration, 1936-
338.2 U433m no.39 CENTRALWorkman, D. R. (David Richard)Mineral resources of the lower Mekong basin and adjacent areas of Khmer Republic, Laos, Thailand and Republic of Viet-Nam / prepared in collaboration with the Division of Industry and Natural Resources (Mineral Resources Development Section), ECAFE, by D.Bangkok, Thailand : United Nations, Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, [1972]
338.9 U574d no.2-5 CENTRALUnited Nations. Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East. Second Group of Experts on Programming TechniquesFormulating industrial development programmes : with special reference to Asia and the Far East / report of the second group of experts on programming techniquesBangkok : United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, 1961.
338.9 U574d no.6-8 CENTRALUnited Nations. Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East. Fifth Group of Experts on Programming TechniquesSectoral aspects of long-term economic projections with special reference to Asia and the Far East / report of the Fifth Group of Experts on Programming TechniquesBangkok : United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, 1967.
B53 .K382 2014 CENTRALKekes, JohnThe nature of philosophical problems : their causes and implications / John KekesOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2014.
B126 .P54 2014 CENTRALPerkins, FranklinHeaven and earth are not humane : the problem of evil in classical Chinese philosophy / Franklin PerkinsBloomington : Indiana University Press, [2014]
B759 .A53 Y3213 2014 CENTRALIbn Gabirol, active 11th centuryThe Font of life (Fons vitae) / by Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron) ; translated from the Latin with an introduction by John A. LaumakisMilwaukee, Wisconsin : Marquette University Press, 2014.
B809.14 .S72 2014 CENTRALStalnaker, Robert, authorContext / Robert StalnakerOxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
B828.45 .A28 2014 CENTRALSilva, Jose Filipe, editorActive perception in the history of philosophy : from Plato to modern philosophy / José Filipe Silva, Mikko Yrjönsuuri, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2014]
B828.45 .P473 2015 CENTRALStokes, Dustin, editorPerception and its modalities / edited by Dustin Stokes, Mohan Matthen, and Stephen BiggsNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2015]
B832 .R53 2014 CENTRALRichardson, Joan, 1946- authorPragmatism and American experience : an introduction / Joan RichardsonNew York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
B945 .B64 H86 2014 CENTRALHustwit, Ronald E., 1942- authorO.K. Bouwsma : a philosopher's journey / Ronald E. HustwitNew York, NY : Peter Lang, [2014]
B2430 .F723 D8413 2014 CENTRALFoucault, Michel, 1926-1984, authorOn the government of the living : lectures at the Collège de France, 1979-1980 / Michel Foucault ; edited by Michel Senellart ; general editors, François Ewald and Alessandro Fontana ; English series editor, Arnold I. Davidson ; translated by GrHampshire, England : Palgrave Macmillan 2014.
B2430 .N364 N37 2014 CENTRALConley, Verena Andermatt, 1943- editorNancy now / edited by Verena Andermatt Conley and Irving GohCambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity Press, 2014.
B2598 .A79 2014 CENTRALArthur, Richard, 1950- authorLeibniz / Richard T.W. ArthurCambridge, UK ; Malden, MA, USA : Polity Press, 2014.
B2799 .L26 L56 2014 CENTRALSchalow, Frank, 1956- editorThe linguistic dimension of Kant's thought : historical and critical essays / edited by Frank Schalow and Richard VelkleyEvanston, Illinois : Northwestern University Press, [2014]
BD161 .A335 2014 CENTRALTurri, John, editorAd Infinitum : new essays on epistemological infinitism / edited by John Turri and Peter D. KleinOxford, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2014.
BF575 .N35 L86 2014 CENTRALLunbeck, ElizabethThe Americanization of narcissism / Elizabeth LunbeckCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, [2014]
BJ1533 .G4 S53 2014 CENTRALSmith, Christian, 1960- authorThe paradox of generosity : giving we receive, grasping we lose / by Christian Smith and Hilary DavidsonNew York : Oxford University Press, [2014]
BS480 .B555 2014 DIVINITYBlomberg, CraigCan we still believe the Bible? : an evangelical engagement with contemporary questions / Craig L. BlombergGrand Rapids, Michigan : Brazos Press, [2014]
BS1235.55 .B35 2014 DIVINITYBaker, David W. (David Weston), 1950-Genesis 37-50 : a handbook on the Hebrew text / David W. Baker with Jason Anthony RileyWaco, Texas : Baylor University Press, [2014]
CD MUS-17379 MUSICGould, Morton, 1913-1996Morton Gould : an American saluteWashington, DC : United States Marine Band, [2013]
CD MUS-17380 MUSICMellencamp, John, 1951- composer, performerWords & music : John Mellencamp's greatest hits : 35 classic Mellencamp songs plus two new tracksNew York, NY : Island : UTV Records, [2004]
CD MUS-17381 MUSICManilow, Barry, performer, composerUltimate ManilowNew York, N.Y. : Arista, [2002]
CD MUS-17382 MUSICJones, Tom, 1940- performerReloaded : greatest hits / [performed by] Tom JonesSanta Monica, CA : Universal Music Enterprises/UTV Records, [2003]
CD MUS-17383 MUSICMcDonald, Michael, 1952- composer, performerThe ultimate collection / [performed by] Michael McDonaldBurbank, CA : Warner Bros. Records/Rhino, [2005]
CD MUS-17384 MUSICMartin, Dean, 1917-1995, performerGreatest hits / [performed by] Dean MartinHollywood, CA : Capitol Records, Inc., [1998]
CD MUS-17385 MUSICLittle Feat (Musical group), performerRipe tomatos. Volume one / [performed by] Little FeatRaleigh, NC : Hot Tomato Records.
CD MUS-17386 MUSICForeigner (Musical group), performerThe very best ... and beyond / [performed by] Foreigner[New York] : Atlantic, [1992]
CD MUS-17387 MUSICMeat Loaf (Vocalist), 1947- performerThe very best of Meat LoafNew York, NY : Sony Music, [1998]
CD MUS-17388 MUSICMathis, Johnny, singer16 most requested songs / [performed by] Johnny MathisNew York, NY : Columbia, [1986]
CD MUS-17389 MUSICArnold, Eddy, 1918-2008, performerThe best of Eddy Arnold. Volume IIChatsworth, CA : DCC Compact Classics, [1998]
CD MUS-17390 MUSICWest, Dottie, 1932-1991, composer, performerDottie WestNew York : Buddha Records ; BMG Entertainment, [2001]
CD MUS-17391 MUSICCox Family (Musical group), performerJust when we're thinking it's over / [performed by] The Cox Family[United States] : Asylum Records, [1996]
CD MUS-17392 MUSICWakely, Jimmy, 1914-1982, performerVintage collections / [performed by] Jimmy WakelyNashville : Capitol Nashville, [1996]
CDROM VColl 2882 SPEC-COLLStencel-Baerenwald, JenniferThe molecular basis of serotype 1 reovirus glycan interactions and the function of glycan-binding in pathogenesis / by Jennifer Stencel-Baerenwald[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2883 SPEC-COLLFrick, Peter LQuantifying cancer heterogeneity to predict and improve targeted therapy outcomes / by Peter L. Frick[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2884 SPEC-COLLWells, Ngoc-Quynh NguyenEvaluation of psychotherapy procedures used by Vietnamese therapists / by Ngoc-Quynh N. Wells[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, c2014.
CDROM VColl 2885 SPEC-COLLKettrey, Heather HensmanIt just happened one night : gender norms and consent to unwanted sexual activity on college hookups / by Heather Hensman Kettrey[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2886 SPEC-COLLSampson, Uchechukwu K. AImpact of severity of illness on health state transitions during intensive care unit admission : application of Markov multi-state transition modeling / by Uchechukwu K. A. Sampson[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2887 SPEC-COLLPerkins, Corinne ElizabethThe impact of homogeneous and heterogeneous parceling strategies on hierarchical multidimensional models / by Corinne Elizabeth Perkins[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2888 SPEC-COLLCorder, Stephanie N. GilbertUltrafast relaxation dynamics and optical properties of GaAs and GaAs-based heterostructures / by Stephanie N. Gilbert Corder[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2889 SPEC-COLLKumar, Ankur NQuantifying in vivo motion in video sequences using image registration / by Ankur N. Kumar[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2890 SPEC-COLLSarett, Samantha MConjugation of palmitic acid improves potency and longevity of siRNA delivered via endosomolytic polymer nanoparticles / by Samantha M. Sarett[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2891 SPEC-COLLZufelt, Kyle BenjaminHighly efficient infrared photodetectors based on plasmonic metamaterials and vanadium dioxide / by Kyle Benjamin Zufelt[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2892 SPEC-COLLCarroll, Robert JamesDefining phenotypes, predicting drug response, and discovering genetic associations in the electronic health record with applications in rheumatoid arthritis / by Robert James Carroll[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2893 SPEC-COLLHuang, XuanEpilepsy-associated mutations in GABRG2 : characterization and therapeutic opportunities / by Xuan Huang[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2894 SPEC-COLLPendleton, Christopher StephenMechanisms of cisplatin resistance in triple negative breast cancer / by Christopher Stephen Pendleton[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
CDROM VColl 2895 SPEC-COLLRicks, Zane ChristopherInvestigation of 1450 nm infrared light for clinical nerve stimulation / by Zane Christopher Ricks[Nashville, Tenn.] : Vanderbilt University, 2014.
DC34.5 .M87 F47 2014 CENTRALFernando, Mayanthi L., 1975- authorThe republic unsettled : Muslim French and the contradictions of secularism / Mayanthi L. FernandoDurham ; London : Duke University Press, 2014.
DC147.8 .I87 2014 CENTRALIsrael, Jonathan I. (Jonathan Irvine), 1946- authorRevolutionary ideas : an intellectual history of the French Revolution from the Rights of Man to Robespierre / Jonathan IsraelOxford ; Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2014]
DH801 .F46 G313 2013 CENTRALGalbert, de Bruges, -1134, authorThe murder, betrayal, and slaughter of the glorious Charles, Count of Flanders / Galbert of Bruges ; translated and with an introduction by Jeff RiderNew Haven : Yale University Press, [2013]
DS79.757 .M55 2014 CENTRALMacDonald, Michael, 1952-Overreach : delusions of regime change in Iraq / Michael MacDonaldCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2014.
DS134 .L44 2014 CENTRALLehmann, Matthias B., 1970- authorEmissaries from the Holy Land : the Sephardic diaspora and the practice of pan-Judaism in the eighteenth century / Matthias B. LehmannStanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2014]
DS134.84 .R33 2014 CENTRALRabinovitch, Simon, authorJewish rights, national rites : nationalism and autonomy in late imperial and revolutionary Russia / Simon RabinovitchStanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2014]
DS392.2 .K3 G39 2014 CENTRALGayer, Laurent, authorKarachi : ordered disorder and the struggle for the city / Laurent GayerNew York : Oxford University Press, 2014.
DS422 .C64 L36 2013 CENTRALLambert, Richard DHindu-Muslim riots / Richard D. LambertKarachi : Oxford University Press, 2013.
DS721 .W33713513 2014 CENTRALWang, Hui, 1959- authorChina from empire to nation-state / Wang Hui ; translated by Michael Gibbs HillCambridge, Massachusetts ; London, England : Harvard University Press, 2014.
DVD 4228 pt.7.1 CENTRALWeiner, Matthew, creator, television producer, screenwriter, television directorMad men (Television program). Season 7, Part 1Santa Monica, California : Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment, [2014]
DVD 5792 CENTRALMaloof, John, film director, film producer, screenwriter, director of photography, narrator, participantFinding Vivian Maier / Sundance Selects ; Ravine Pictures, LLC ; written and directed by John Maloof & Charlie Siskel ; produced by John Maloof & Charlie Siskel ; executive producer, Jeff GarlinNew York, NY : MPI Media Group, [2014]
DVD 5794 CENTRALShono, JiroTegami [videorecording][T¯oky¯o] : Nikkatsu : Gyaga Komyunik‾eshonzu, p2006.
DVD 5795 CENTRALSzwedo, Chris, filmmaker, film distributorEye on the sixties : the iconic photography of Rowland Scherman / Chris Szwedo presents ; directed and produced by Chris Szwedo ; a documentary by Chris Szwedo[Eastham, Mass.] , Chris Szwedo, LLC. / [2013]
DVD 5796 CENTRALBesson, LucThe fifth element [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a Gaumont production ; a film by Luc Besson ; story by Luc Besson ; screenplay by Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen ; produced by Patrice Ledoux ; directed by Luc BessonCulver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, ©2007
DVD 5797 CENTRALRock, ChrisHead of state [videorecording] / Dreamworks Pictures presents a 3 Arts Entertainment production ; a film by Chris Rock ; producers, Ali LeRoi, Chris Rock, Michael Rotenberg ; writers, Chris Rock, Ali LeRoi ; director, Chris RockUniversal City, Calif. : DreamWorks Home Entertainment ; Universal City, Calif. : Distributed by Universal, c2003.
DVD 5798 bonus CENTRALSutherland, Kiefer, 1966-24. The complete series / [Imagine Entertainment ; Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc. ; Real Time Productions ; Teakwood Lane Productions][Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2010]
DVD 5798 pt.2 CENTRALSurnow, Joel24 (Television program). Season 2Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2009], 2003.
DVD 5798 pt.3 CENTRALSurnow, Joel, creator, screenwriter24 (Television program). Season 3Beverly Hills, Calif. : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2009]
DVD 5798 pt.4 CENTRALSurnow, Joel, creator, screenwriter24 (Television program). Season 4Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2009]
DVD 5798 pt.5 CENTRALSurnow, Joel, creator24 (Television program). Season 5Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2009]
DVD 5798 pt.6 CENTRALSutherland, Kiefer, 1966-24 (Television program). Season 6Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2007]
DVD 5798 pt.7 CENTRALSurnow, Joel, creator, screenwriter24 (Television program). Season 7Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2009]
DVD 5798 pt.8 CENTRALSurnow, Joel, creator, screenwriter24 (Television program). Season 8Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2010]
DVD 5798 pt.9 CENTRALCassar, Jon, 1958- television director24 (Television program) RedemptionBeverly Hills, Calif. : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2008]
DVD 5799 CENTRALWodder, Bruce, film directorGeorge Tice : seeing beyond the moment / a film by Peter Bosco, Bruce Wodder, Douglas Underdahl ; New Street Films ; directed by Bruce Wodder ; produced by Peter Bosco ; executive producer, George Tice[High Bridge, New Jersey] : New Street Films, [2013]
DVD 5800 CENTRALLeach, Tomas, film producer, film director, director of photographyIn no great hurry : 13 lessons in life with Saul Leiter / a film by Tomas Leach ; Little Scraps of Paper Films present[s] ; produced by Margit Erb & Tomas Leach ; directed by Tomas LeachNew York, NY : Zeitgeist Films, [2014]
DVD MUS-1573 MUSICHasnaoui, Mustapha, film directorMargaret Garner / La Huit presents in coproduction with Cityzen télévision & Copap ; a film by Mustapha HasnaouiChicago, IL : Facets Video, [2007]
DVD MUS-1574 MUSICBronfman, Yefim, instrumentalistBeethoven piano concerto no. 5 ; Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade / a production of UNITEL in cooperation with Lucerne Festival and ClassicaBerlin : C Major, 2012.
E45 .B75 2013 CENTRALFoster, Stephen, 1942- editorBritish North America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / edited by Stephen FosterOxford, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2013.
E183.8 .C5 X8 2014 CENTRALXu, Guoqi, authorChinese and Americans : a shared history / Xu GuoqiCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2014.
E185.97 .K5 K37 2014 DIVINITYKamin, BenDangerous friendship : Stanley Levison, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Kennedy brothers / Ben KaminEast Lansing : Michigan State University Press, [2014]
E377 .E34 2014 CENTRALEdel, Charles N., 1979-Nation builder : John Quincy Adams and the grand strategy of the republic / Charles N. EdelCambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2014.
E573 .A96 2014 CENTRALAuman, William TCivil War in the North Carolina Quaker belt : the Confederate campaign against peace agitators, deserters and draft dodgers / William T. AumanJefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2014]
F455 .M37 2014 CENTRALMatthews, Gary Robert, 1949-More American than southern : Kentucky, slavery, and the war for an American ideology, 1828-1861 / Gary R. MatthewsKnoxville : The University of Tennessee Press, 2014.
F1219.1 .P9 H476 2012 CENTRALHernández García, Milton Gabriel, authorHistoria contemporánea del movimiento indígena en la Sierra Norte de Puebla / Milton Gabriel Hernández GarcíaMéxico, D.F. : Ediciones Navarra ; [Mexico?] : CEDICAR, Centro de Investigación y Capacitación Rural A.C., 2012.
F1219.3 .W6 M85 2013 CENTRALVilleda Santana, Mary Carmen, editorMujeres indígenas del sur de México y sus derechos humanos : limitaciones y desafíos / Mary Carmen Villeda Santana (coordinadora)Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, Oax, : Universidad del Istmo ; México, D.F. : Plaza y Valdés, 2013.
F1234 .M584 2013 CENTRALRichmond, Douglas W., 1946-The Mexican Revolution : conflict and consolidation, 1910-1940 / edited by Douglas W. Richmond and Sam W. Haynes ; introduction by John Mason Hart ; contributors: Nicholas Villanueva Jr. ... [et al.]College Station : Published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press, 2013.
F1435 .B733 2014 CENTRALBracamonte y Sosa, Pedro, authorDespués de 2012 : libro de la memoria y vaticinios mayas / Pedro Bracamonte y Sosa, Elmer Ek EkMéxico : CIESAS : MAPorrúa, 2014
GN21 .G768 E963 2013 CENTRALGuerrero Guerrero, Raúl, 1912- Works. SelectionsEvocación : vida y obra de Raúl Guerrero Guerrero / compilación, estudio y notas, Alberto Avilés CortésPachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, México : Consejo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Hidalgo, 2013.
GT2853 .U5 T87 2014 CENTRALTurner, Katherine LeonardHow the other half ate : a history of working class meals at the turn of the century / Katherine Leonard TurnerBerkeley : University of California Press, [2014]
GT3913.83 .A2 H36 2014 CENTRALHamdy, Basma, authorWalls of freedom = Judr¯an al-·hurr¯iyah : street art of the Egyptian revolution / by Basma Hamdy & Don Karl, aka StoneBerlin, Germany : From Here To Fame Publishing, 2014.
GV1061.15 .K58 K37 2009 CENTRALKatchen, Alan SAbel Kiviat, national champion : twentieth-century track & field and the melting pot / Alan S. KatchenSyracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 2009.
HB523 .C65 2014 CENTRALCongreso Latinoamericano y del Caribe sobre el Enfoque de Capabilidades (1st)Desarrollo como libertad en América Latina : fundamentos y aplicaciones / Mathias Nebel, Pedro Flores-Crespo y Ma. Teresa Herrera Rendón Nebel, coordinadoresMéxico, D.F. : Universidad Iberoamericana, 2014.
HC60 .F7733 2014 CENTRALFritz, Livia, authorExport promotion or development policy? : a comparative analysis of soft loan policies in Austria, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands / Livia Fritz, Werner Raza, Manuel Schuler, Eva SchweigerVienna : ÖFSE, Austrian Foundation for Development Research, 2014.
HC135 .U5795 2012 CENTRALUniversidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Facultad de Economía. Coloquio Internacional de Investigación (6th : 2012 : Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico)Fluctuaciones cíclicas y crecimiento económico en México / Pablo Mejía Reyes (coordinador)Toluca, México : Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México ; México, D.F. : Plaza y Valdés, 2013.
HD9397 .N44 H4513 2014 CENTRALSluyterman, K. E. (Keetie E.), 1949- authorBrewery, brand, and family : 150 years of Heineken / Keetie Sluyterman and Bram Bouwens ; translated by David McKay[Amsterdam] : Boom, [2014]
HE336 .C66 C66 2012 CENTRALDavis, Alexander (Editor)Congestion pricing : a primer on efficient roadway management / Alexander Davis and Geoffrey M. Long, editorsNew York : Nova Science Publishers, ©2012.
HF1359 .S774 2014 CENTRALSuter, Christian, 1956- editorStructures of the world political economy and the future global conflict and cooperation / Christian Suter, Christopher Chase-Dunn (eds. for the World Society Foundation)Zürich : Lit, 2014.
HJ1000 .F5533 2014 CENTRALLütgenau, Stefan August, editorFiscal federalism and fiscal decentralization in Europe : comparative case studies on Spain, Austria, the United Kingdom and Italy / Stefan August Lütgenau (Ed.)Innsbruck : StudienVerlag, [2014]
HN113 .C27 2013 CENTRALAlarcón, Laura, editorCambios sociales y construcción de imaginarios en México durante el siglo XX / Laura Alarcón Menchaca, Estrellita García Fernández, coordinadorasZapopan, Jalisco : El Colegio de Jalisco, 2013.
HN120 .Z9 V547 2014 CENTRALContreras Pérez, Gabriela, editorNo nos alcanzan las palabras : sociedad, estado y violencia en México / Gabriela Contreras Pérez, José Joaquín Flores Féliz, Araceli Mondragón González, Isis Saavedra Luna, coordinadoresMéxico, D.F. : Itaca : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, 2014.
HQ1236 .R438 2014 CENTRALEscobar-Lemmon, Maria C., editorRepresentation : the case of women / edited by Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon and Michelle M. Taylor-RobinsonOxford : Oxford University Press, [2014]
HQ1236.5 .M6 F476 2014 CENTRALFernández Aceves, María Teresa, authorMujeres en el cambio social en el siglo XX mexicano / por María Teresa Fernández AcevesMéxico, DF : CIESAS : Siglo Veintiuno, [2014]
HQ1464 .N84 E887 2012 CENTRALEstrada, Olga Nelly, authorVivencias, realidades y utopías : mujeres, ciudadanía, causas, feminismo, género e igualdad en México : un estudio histórico de las mujeres en Nuevo León (1980-2010) / Olga Nelly Estrada EsparzaMonterrey, Nuevo León, México : Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, 2012.
HQ1750.5 .E175 2014 CENTRALEarl, Catherine (Catherine A.), authorVietnam's new middle classes : gender, career, city / Catherine EarlCopenhagen, Denmark : NIAS Press, 2014.
HT985 .B53 2013 CENTRALCañizares-Esguerra, JorgeThe black urban Atlantic in the age of the slave trade / edited by Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Matt D. Childs, and James SidburyPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2013.
HV238 .S622 2013 CENTRALStapf-Finé, Heinz, editorThe social dimension of the economic crisis in Europe / Heinz Stapf-Fine (ed.)Berlin : Schibri-Verlag, [2013]
HV6250.4 .W65 V463 2011 CENTRALVida y Resistencia en la Frontera Norte: Ciudad Juárez en el Entramado Mundial (Conference) (2011 : Ciudad Juárez, Mexico)Vida, muerte y resistencia en Ciudad Juárez : una aproximación desde la violencia, el género y la cultura / Salvador Cruz Sierra (coordinador)Tijuana, B.C., México : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte ; México, D.F. : Juan Pablos Editor, 2013.
HX806 .S78 2014 CENTRALSuits, Bernard (Bernard Herbert), 1925- authorThe grasshopper : games, life, and utopia / Bernard Suits ; introduction by Thomas Hurka ; illustrations by Frank NewfeldPeterborough, Ontario, Canada ; Tonawanda, New York : Broadview Press, [2014]
JA84 .L3 R646 2014 CENTRALRojas, Rafael, 1965- authorLos derechos del alma : ensayos sobre la querella liberal-conservador en hispanoamérica (1830-1870) / Rafael RojasMéxico, D.F. : Taurus : CIDE, 2014.
JL1229 .A8 E974 2014 CENTRALSánchez González, José Juan, 1961- editorExperiencias de gobierno electrónico en gobiernos locales en México / José Juan Sánchez González, coordinador[Toluca, México] : Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México ; México : MAPorrúa, 2014.
JL1231 .A33 2013 CENTRALAdame Cerón, Miguel Ángel, authorMovimientos sociales, políticos, populares y culturales : la disputa por la democracia y el poder en el México neoliberal (1982-2013) / Miguel Ángel Adame CerónMexico, D.F. : Itaca, 2013.
JL1281 .E783 2014 CENTRALEspinosa Contreras, Ramón, authorModernidad y cultura política en México 2000-2012 : entre la violencia, la globalización y la democracia / Ramón Espinosa Contreras, Ma. Antonieta Julián PérezMéxico, D.F. : Ediciones Eón ; [Chilpancingo, Guerrero?] : Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero, Unidad Académica de Filosofía y Letras, 2014.
JS2120 .C593 C378 2012 CENTRALCastillo Viveros, Nemesio, authorRetos de las organizaciones de la sociedad civil en Ciudad Juárez / Nemesio Castillo ViverosCiudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico : Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, 2012.
KBP558.3 I584 2012 CENTRALMehdi, RubyaInterpreting divorce laws in Islam / editors, Rubya Mehdi, Werner Menski & Jørgen S. NielsenCopenhagen : DJ˘F Pub., 2012.
KGF3053 .A96 2014 CENTRALHuerta Ladrón de Guevara, Manuel Rafael, editorAnálisis y perspectivas de la reforma política para el proceso electoral 2014-2015 / Manuel Rafael Huerta Ladrón de Guevara, Alfonso Durazo Montaño, Adrián Gimate-Welsh, Juan Romero Tenorio, coordinadoresMéxico : LXII Legislatura, Cámara de Diputados : MAPorrúa, 2014.
LB1140.5 .R4 E35 2011 Level 1 PEABODYWorsham, Chris AnneEdmark reading program. Level 1 [kit]Austin, Tex. : Pro-Ed, 2011.
LB1140.5 .R4 E35 2011 Level 2 PEABODYDonnelly, BethEdmark reading program. Level 2 [kit]Austin, Tex. : Pro-Ed, 2011.
LB2341 .A358 2014 PEABODYFreeman, Sydney, Jr., editorAdvancing higher education as a field of study : in quest of doctoral degree guidelines - commemorating 120 years of excellence / edited by Sydney Freeman, Jr., Linda Serra Hagedorn, Lester F. Goodchild, and Dianne A. Wright ; foreword by Lisa Wolf-WendelSterling, Virginia : Stylus Publishing, 2014.
LD1435.45 .G76 2014 CENTRALGarrod, Andrew, 1937- editorGrowing up Muslim : Muslim college students in America tell their life stories / edited by Andrew Garrod and Robert Kilkenny ; introduction by Eboo PatelIthaca ; London : Cornell University Press, 2014.
M229 .A345 I5 MUSICKrein, Aleksandr Abramovich, 1883-1951, arranger of musicAlbum of 5 pieces for cello and piano / Chausson ; Glazunov ; Moor ; Stravinsky ; ValensinNew York City : International Music Company, [1970]
M287 .B438 V5 1998 MUSICBenjamin, GeorgeViola, viola : for viola duo (1997) / George BenjaminLondon : Faber Music, [1998]
M1619 .C767 1956 High MUSICTaylor, Bernard, 1897-1987, editorContemporary songs in English : songs by American and English composers for recital, concert, and studio use / edited by Bernard TaylorNew York ; Boston ; Chicago ; Los Angeles : Carl Fischer, Inc., [1956]
M1619 .C767 1956 Low MUSICTaylor, Bernard, 1897-1987, editorContemporary songs in English : songs by American and English composers for recital, concert, and studio use / edited by Bernard TaylorNew York ; Boston ; Chicago ; Los Angeles : Carl Fischer, Inc., [1956]
M1852 .J561 A8 MUSICAsriel, André, 1922- arranger of musicJiddische Volkslieder : Liebeslieder : Jiddisch/Deutsch / für Singstimme mit Klavier oder Gitarre eingerichtet von Andre Asriel ; Deutche Nachdichtung und phonetische Transkription von Werner GünzerodtBerlin : Verlag Neue Musik, [1978]
ML410 .B566 S53 2014 CENTRALShawn, Allen, authorLeonard Bernstein : an American musician / Allen ShawnNew Haven : Yale University Press, [2014]
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